K2スパイス紙をオンラインで購入するビクトリア、オンラインで販売するK2 SPICEスプレーを注文する、K2スパイスを注文する、オーストラリア、クイーンズランド、シドニー、NSW、メルボルン、


What is Spice?

synthetic drug "spice" in a plastic bag


Spice is a mix of herbs (shredded plant material) and laboratory-made chemicals with mind-altering effects. It is sometimes misleadingly called  “synthetic marijuana” or “fake weed” because some of the chemicals in it are similar to ones in marijuana. But, its effects are sometimes very different from marijuana, and often much stronger. Usually, the chemicals are sprayed onto plant materials to make them look like marijuana.

Because the chemicals used in Spice have a high potential for abuse and no medical benefit, the Drug Enforcement Administration has made many of the active chemicals  found in Spice illegal. However, the people who make these products try to avoid these laws by using different chemicals in their mixtures.

Spice is most often labeled “not for human consumption” and disguised as incense. Sellers of the drug try to lead people to believe it is “natural” and therefore harmless, but it is neither. In fact, the actual effects of spice can be unpredictable and, in some cases, severe or cause death.

Buy K2 Paper online at cheap prices. Each A4 sheet infuses with 25 ml=0.845351 fluid Oz of liquid K2. You can buy the legal infused A4 plain paper or already presoaked paper. We have special A4 K2 infused paper sheets for sale at low cheap prices. K2 spice paper, K2 paper either way is so strong and it will blow your mind off.

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However, we have many flavors and or types you can choose from. Note that, the liquid incense use to infuse the papers is a clear liquid incense which is non-scented or unscented. Moreover, all our top Legal High K2 papers are listed below :


  • Bizzaro Liquid Incense infused A4 k2 paper
  • 7H Hawaiian Punch liquid incense infused A4 K2 paper
  • Cannabinoid liquid incense infused A4 k2 paper
  • Cloud 9 liquid incense infused A4 paper
  • K2 eliquid liquid incense infused A4 k2 paper
  • Kilmaxx liquid incense infused A4 k2 paper
  • Kratom liquid incense infused A4 k2 paper
  • Kush liquid incense infused A4 k2 paper
  • Green Blossom liquid incense infused A4 k2 paper
  • Mad Hatter liquid incense infused A4 k2 paper
  • Mr. Nice Guy incense infused A4 paper
  • Pink Blossom liquid incense infused A4 k2 paper
  • Green Giant liquid incense infused A4 k2 paper
  • White Tiger liquid incense infused A4 k2 paper

K2スパイス紙をオンラインで購入するビクトリア、オンラインで販売するK2 SPICEスプレーを注文する、K2スパイスを注文する、オーストラリア、クイーンズランド、シドニー、NSW、メルボルン、

Type of Incense Infused

Bizzaro, 7H Hawaiian, Cannabinoid, Cloud 9, Kilmaxx liquid, Kratom liquid, Kush liquid, Green Blossom, Mad Hatter, Mr. Nice Guy, Pink Blossom, Green Giant, White Tiger

Number of Sheets

1 sheet, 3 Sheets, 5 Sheets, 10 sheets