Magic Mushroom Growkit Hawaiian (Blue Meanies Grow Kit) 1200 cc


Grow your own blue meanies? Hawaiian mushrooms (Panaeolus cyanescens) are known for their small size and incredibly powerful effects. They contain 4-5x more psilocybin than many other magic mushrooms you can buy in a grow kit. These magic mushrooms are really different. So they are more powerful, but require more attention during the cultivation and the grow kit has a shorter shelf life. But, especially if you have “graduated” from psilocybe Cubensis grow kits like our Thai or McKennaii varieties, you can probably easily grow these potent mushrooms! The main difference is that the Hawaiians need soil (included) and need to be watered every day until the first magic mushrooms are visible. Total cultivation is short: within 5-20 days the heads are already visible. And only a few days later they are ready for harvest. This complete Panaeolus Cyanescens (copelandia) grow kit contains 1200 cc of spawn, which is enough for 50 grams of fresh Hawaiian magic mushrooms. You can trip¬†4 to 20 times¬†with these mushrooms, because they are so strong! Really a lot of yield.

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