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How to grow mushrooms at home.

While some mushrooms are easier to cultivate than others, there is a wide variety that can be grown at home. Mushroom growing Kit for sale Western Australia,Buy magic mushrooms kits Perth,buy Mushrooms grow kits Australia, buy shrooms Mandurah”Growing from kits is the easiest way to go, and ideal for first-timers,” explains Britt Bunyard, the co-author of The Beginner’s Guide to Mushrooms.

With a mushroom kit, you also won’t have to worry about the animals and pests wreaking havoc on your outdoor garden. These kits make it simple to grow mushrooms right in your own kitchen (or even inside a closet!).

Mushroom kits often include everything you’ll need to get growing. To get them started, you’ll need just a little water and a small amount of space. “Most mushrooms grow with dappled sunlight, so a small 12-inch-by-6-inch spot on your kitchen counter works perfectly,” says Alex Dorr, mycology expert and founder of Mushroom Revival Inc.

“Most grow kits include a ‘myceliated block,’ which is the mycelium (roots of the mushroom) growing over a substrate (most likely a hardwood sawdust), which creates a hardened ‘block,’ which mushrooms grow from,” Dorr adds. When conditions are right, “pins,” or baby mushrooms, will begin to grow and the mushrooms can double in size each day.

This kit was mentioned again and again by mushroom experts, so we went straight to Back to the Roots’ co-founder and co-CEO, Nikhil Arora, to learn more about this iconic mushroom growing tool.

“We fell in love with the magic of growing our own mushrooms—it was so fast, easy, and sustainable,” Arora tells mbg. “After a few years of farming them and selling them to restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers markets, we realized we could shrink down what we were doing into a tabletop experience to help anyone, anywhere discover that same wonder of growing their own gourmet mushrooms.” 

Back to the Roots provides everything you need during the incubation process, and Arora guarantees there’s absolutely no green thumb required to successfully grow mushrooms using this organic kit.

What to look at when choosing a grow kit:Mushroom growing Kit for sale Western Australia,Buy magic mushrooms kits Perth,buy Mushrooms grow kits Australia, buy shrooms Mandurah

  • Type of mushroom: With so many easy-to-use kits available these days, Brandy Hall, founder and managing director of Shades of Green Permaculture, says the most important thing to look for in a kit is the type of mushroom you like to eat. “From oyster to shiitake to Lion’s mane, you can find a kit for just about any type,” says Hall.
  • Ease of use: From there, you’ll want to think about your experience level growing mushrooms. “Some kits are one-step: You simply open the package (you may need to soak with water), and growth immediately ensues. This kind of kit requires no other materials, tools, nor skills,” says Bunyard. Meanwhile, if you do want a more hands-on approach, other kits may require inoculating a separate substrate that is not included with the kit.
  • Size: Then, consider how many ‘shrooms you’re hoping to get your hands on. Some kits will produce one “flush,” or harvest, of mushrooms, while others can produce multiple flushes, Dorr explains.
  • Growing conditions: Additionally, you’ll want to look at the growing conditions necessary before choosing a kit. While most kits can be used most anywhere, some do require more or less humidity or particular low-light conditions. You want to make sure you’re set up for success from the beginning.
  • Warranties & guarantees: “I’d also recommend buying your kit from a reputable retailer or company to ensure the quality is there,” says Hall.

The final fungi.

Once your mushrooms are ready to eat, Dorr has two last tips: First, store your mushrooms in a paper bag or vegetable crisper drawer rather than a plastic bag. Second, he says, “We do not recommend washing your mushrooms. All you’ll need to do is cut off the ‘butt’ of the mushroom and you’re good to go. Submerging or washing mushrooms will most likely leave them soggy!”Mushroom growing Kit for sale Western Australia,Buy magic mushrooms kits Perth,buy Mushrooms grow kits Australia, buy shrooms Mandurah

The bottom line.

Growing your own mushrooms, especially with a beginner-friendly kit, is a win all around. Once you get the hang of the method, you can move on to growing other delicacies like fragrant herbs or even delicious avocados from the comfort of home.

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